Property Care Services (PCS) provides all of the equipment for Excavation, earthmoving and groundwork services you need for your next construction project, renovation, remodel, or simple property repairs. From design and planning to permitting and project completion, we’re here through the whole process and will help you get your project started on the right foot. Our professional team can help with projects of all sizes.

Some of Our Equipment

Equipment Graders


We often use Graders to backfill projects and do a nice final grade after we install a septic system, waterlines, and other types of ground excavation work. We also use the front loader to move material such as gravel or dirt to place in trenches or backfill. We also use the back grader also for hardscaping and what we call “land sculpturing” to change the slope or grades for better drainage.

Rubber Track Excavator

Our compact Rubber Track Excavators maneuvers well over lawns and backyards, tight spots and steep terrain that a backhoe typically cannot get to on steep slopes. This excavator is made for digging trenches and perfect equipment for septic, drainage, waterlines, utility trenches, and much more…
Equipment Rubber Track Excavator
Equipment Backhoe


Backhoes can tackle both flat surfaces and most inclines. Backhoes are great for digging holes and trenches, or breaking asphalt, or small demolitions. We also using the front loader on certain projects for loading or moving materials, backfills, hardscaping, and much more. It is so important to have the right equipment for the job to give our customer high-quality workmanship and the best cost.

Rubber Track Loader and Trucks

We appreciate your property, and we try do the least amount of ground disturbance when we show up to do your project. We often use rubber track equipment, or a Rubber Track Loader, with a low pounds per square inch (PSI) to minimize groundwork scarring. This equipment is great for small, tight spots where we can maneuver around easily to get the job done.
Equipment Rubber Track Loader